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Silver motorhome warranty

For motorhomes up to 15 years old and 150,000 miles at the start date.

Silver offers a great level of warranty cover for the older or higher mileage vehicle. The following parts are covered against mechanical breakdown or electrical / electronic failure. Anything not listed here is excluded. 

Your warranty covers:

  • Engine – All major internal moving parts of the engine and the camshaft timing belt / timing chain and tensioners, providing the manufacturer’s replacement recommendations have been complied with and it is free from oil contamination. Dual mass flywheel and turbocharger / supercharger.
  • Manual / auto gearbox & transmission – all major internal mechanical parts.
  • Drive system – differentials – all major internal mechanical parts, transfer box – all major internal mechanical parts, drive shafts, prop shafts, centre bearings, CV and universal joints, bearings & couplings.
  • Clutch – centre plate covered for mechanical failure (excluding friction material), pressure plate, release bearing, clutch fork, master cylinder, slave cylinder, clutch pedal and cable.
  • Braking – master cylinder, wheel cylinders, servo, brake pumps, limiter valve, ABS pump, actuator & modulator, ABS sensors, calliper’s, brake vacuum pump and brake bias valve.
  • Steering – steering rack and pinion, steering box, pump, idler box, column joints & bearings, high pressure pipes, track rod ends and steering column (excludes electric locks and ECU).
  • Cooling system – air con pump, radiator, head gasket, heater matrix, heater fan motor, water pump, viscous cooling fan coupling and thermostat & housing, electric cooling fan motor.
  • Suspension – shock absorbers & coil springs (replaced in pairs), wishbones, McPherson struts, suspension arms, leaf springs, track control arms & linkages, self-levelling units, anti-roll bar, reservoir pump & regulator valves, kingpins, and ball & swivel joints.
  • Electrical system – starter motor / solenoid, alternator, ECU (engine only), voltage regulator, ignition coil, distributor, electronic ignition amplifier, window and sunroof motors, heater fan motor, horn, alarm control unit, cruise control actuator & control unit, central locking solenoids and switches, glow plug relay, fuel tank sender unit, door mirror motors and switches, indicator relay, wiper & washer motors, steering column stalk switches, oil pressure sensor / switch and electric window switches.
  • Fuel system – fuel pump, injection pump, lift pump, fuel pressure regulator, air flow meter, EGR valve, idle control valve and fuel shut off valve.
  • Wheel bearings – front and rear bearings.
  • Casings – where a covered item caused the damage.
  • Working materials – as part of a valid repair (oils, antifreeze, fluids, oil filter changes, gaskets & seals).

Habitation cover:

  • Cassette toilet – flush mechanism and pump.
  • Cooker – all mechanical components of the original manufacturer’s fitted unit.
  • Fridge – operating and control switches, thermostats, gas control valve, voltage selector, igniter unit and control valve, condenser, electrical elements and flame failure valve.
  • Heating system – expansion tank pump, thermostatic mixer valve, isolation switch, blower motor, boiler, thermostat and igniters and gas heaters.
  • Water – water pumps, water heater, heater control module, level indicators and gauges.
  • Gas supply system – flame failure devices, and manufacturer’s bottle adaptors & connectors.
  • Electrical – power distribution box, earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB), power management system control unit, multi-stage battery charger, mains hook up connector box, control panel and extractor fans.


  • Delamination of composite exterior body panels is covered on vehicles up to 7 years old, subject to proof of annual inspections.
  • Water ingress to wall, roof and floor joint seals on vehicles up to 7 years old.

Got a question about our Silver plan? Call us free on 0800 060 8611.

What's included?

  • Thousands of parts and faults covered
  • 48 hour claim payments
  • Habitation cover as standard
  • £175 recovery contribution
  • £50 per day towards car hire

What's included?

  • Thousands of parts and faults covered
  • 48 hour claim payments
  • Habitation cover as standard
  • £175 recovery contribution
  • £50 per day towards car hire

Warranty questions


What does my Silver motorhome warranty cover?

Your Freedom Warranties Silver motorhome warranty covers a wide range of parts as listed above, plus the labour times involved to repair or replace them. It also includes habitation cover for the living area of your motorhome.

What does my Silver motorhome warranty NOT cover?

Your Freedom Warranties Silver motorhome warranty is a listed component cover, so anything not listed above is therefore excluded. Click the ‘View full Silver coverage’ button to see the general exclusions.

How many claims can I make?

You can make unlimited claims with each one up to your chosen claim limit, up to the vehicle’s market value at the time of claim. All claims include the cost of parts, labour and VAT.

How do I make a claim?

Before you have any work carried out, you must contact our claims team on 0800 060 8611 or email us. We’ll need to provide an authorisation code to the garage for the repairs to be done.

The full claims process can be found here.

Note: We won’t be able to pay for any repairs that are carried out without our authorisation.

How do I take out a Freedom Warranties warranty?

You’ll need to purchase a used motorhome from one of our approved dealerships to receive or be offered a Freedom Warranties warranty. If you’d like to know who your nearest dealers are, please contact us.

In most cases, your plan can then be upgraded, extended or renewed.

What is a motorhome warranty?

A used motorhome warranty is a written guarantee covering a list of mechanical, electrical and electronic parts against sudden failure. It’s designed to pay for some or all of the costs involved with repairing or replacing those parts within a certain time frame.

Modern vehicles contain thousands of complex moving components. When something goes wrong, it can result in escalating repair bills. A Freedom Warranties motorhome warranty could save you thousands of pounds in repair costs.

What happens if my motorhome exceeds the age / mileage parameters?

The age and mileage parameters of our standard motorhome warranties only apply to the vehicle at the start date.  If you exceed these age or mileage parameters during your warranty term, don’t worry – your cover simply continues for the remainder.

The exception is where you have our Platinum warranty, which includes wear & tear cover until your vehicle reaches 85,000 miles. After this, the wear & tear element ceases but the rest of your cover remains the same.

Got a question about our Silver plan? Call us free on 0800 060 8611.

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